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Brief history of the Winery J. Miquel Jané

The link, at the end of the s. XIX, of two cousins, Antonio Jane Formosa and Josefa Pascual Formosa, gives rise to the driving force of the Bodega J. Miquel Jané, which today reaches the fourth generation embodied in the brothers Bernadette and Josep Miquel. After this first union, wine and family have always gone together, thus renewing the vocation that this bond be undefined.

It was the marriage founder who bought the first properties. The main ones located in the Alt Penedès: Font-Rubí, El Vendrell, Vilafranca del Penedès, Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues and Avinyonet del Penedès. The family wine, in bulk production, found a first broad horizon in the then colonial Cuba. This was facilitated by the fact that another branch of the family owned the frigates that crossed the ocean. The painting of the frigate "Remedios Pascual Formosa", which is exhibited at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona, ​​gives a faithful testimony.

The dynamism of the family reaches both men and women, as shown by Antonia Jané Pascual, the youngest of the three daughters of the founders, who enlarged the planting area by buying Cal Costas and Baltana Vella. She is also the one who collects various awards in recognition of the quality achieved in the elaboration of her wine.

The civil war temporarily truncates the activity, the family will suffer a long exile. Returned to his house, he is now a son of Antonia Jané, Josep Miquel Jane, who heads the reconstruction of production, which, in the first place, is still destined for bulk. The ambitions, as it could not be otherwise, are much deeper, and so, in 2002, launches the first bottled wines that make up the current personality of the winery.

Again a woman Bernadette Miquel Vacarisas, now leads the activity, keeping alive the inherited family north towards excellence, as demonstrated by the achievement of a wine like the Sauvignon Blanc. In its action is also well present the mood of wines from the winery to sail again by seas and oceans.

Antonio Jane Formosa and Antonia Jane Pascual