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At the end of the Nineteenth Century, cousins Antonio Jane Formosa and Josefa Pascual Formosa started this venture. Today, the Bodega is in its fourth generation, with the siblings Bernadette and Josep Miquel guiding its course. We believe that wine and family always go together. 


The original estate bought by the founding cousins i n the Nineteenth Century was comprised of the lands located in Alt Penedès Shire: Font-Rubí, El Vendrell, Vilafranca del Penedès, Sant Cugat, Sesgarrigues and Avinyonet del Penedès.

At first they were bulk wines, produced at the family estate and exported to then Spanish Cuba by another branch of the family, that happened to own the frigates necessary for transportation. We can even see a painting in the Naval Museum in Barcelona that depicts the family-owned frigate named “Remedios Pascual Formosa”, a truly historical testimony to this maritime commercial venture.

Later, Antonia Jane Pascual, the very dynamic and youngest of three daughters, expanded the estate with the land plots called Cal Costas and Baltana Vella. At this time, the wines also received many accolades.


The family however had to go into exile because of the Civil War and after a long hiatus, the family returned to the estate. Then, Antonia’s son, Josep Miquel Jane relaunched activity in the estate with a focus still in bulk wine production, but only until the year of 2002, when bulk wine was dropped in place of the bottled sparkling and still wines that we can enjoy now.


Today we have a woman directing the winery again, Bernadette Miquel Vacarisas is committed to excellence as the many accolades and awards received by our Sauvignon Blanc attest. She is also very keen on bringing her wines to the world, as the family did in the past. 

Antonio Jane Formosa and Antonia Jane Pascual

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