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Grape varieties
100 % Sauvignon Blanc
+/- 12,50%

It is the star of our winery, due to the exclusivity and good adaptation of this variety in our farms, from our youngest vineyards in the Old Baltana, about 12 years old.

Some strains with selected clones that are not very productive, make us have a good concentration of sugars and aromas, making this wine have a lot of character. Harvested early in the morning, it arrives fresh early in the morning, although dark in the cellar.

A maceration with the skins of about 3 hours inside the closed press, so we extract all the aromas of the skin. Light Pressing, static cold stripping and a controlled temperature fermentation, to maintain the aromatic potential of this variety. Aging in stainless to maintain maximum aromas.

A 100% Sauvignon Blanc wine with a splendid aromatic profile.

Lemon green. Complex nose, with typical aromas of the variety (lychee, passion fruit and stone fruits) and floral notes. On the palate, the fruit character is further pronounced, with a silky mouth feel and good structure. Persistent

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