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SYRAH ecológico

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SYRAH ecológico


The Syrahgrapes come from 25-years-old vines, located on the Foix Natural Park inCastellet i la Gornal. Coming fromecological agriculture, and with a conscientious work of the soil, we getlittle production of grapes, which makes the concentration of aromas and colorexceptional, and a very important thing, perhaps the most, that we get theskins reaches its optimum point of maturation.

Grapeharvested by machine early in the morning, and transported immediately to thecellar. Then we skid it and put it with the skins in the fermentation tanks.Remounted daily, usually 2, to extract most ofthe color and the aromas of the skins, at a controlled temperature ofabout 23 degrees.

To taste, wedecide when we to decant it, usually between 10 and 15 days of contact with theskins. Once we decide that we have to separate the juice from the skins, welightly press the skins. When the alcoholic fermentation is over, themalolactic fermentation begins.

After themalolactic fermentation, we put it to age in stainless tank on fine lees for 4or 5 months, making several "batonnage”, looking for a wine with more structureand complexity.


One of thecharacteristic things of Syrah is its color, it is always very powerful.

View: Intense redcherry with slights tones of garnet blue on the edge of the glass.

Nose: Notes ofpepper, married to the sweetness of a ripe strawberry

Mouth: Itsmouth is long and elegant, which also highlights the part of the ripe redfruit. The whole is elegant in the mouth, where the balance between fruit,acidity and tannins is perfect.